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Read before applying: Empty Read before applying:

Post  Kronos on Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:26 am

Read the terms and conditions of the |SAS|, you must accept these before applying.

|SAS| Terms & Conditions.

You are allowed to invite any fellow gamer. (excluding ex. Or current =VVB=)
You are not allowed to join =VVB= squads. Ie. A full squad of =VVB= if there is 1 in a squad of 4 or something that is acceptable, preferably leave =VVB= alone.
ALL wanting to join |SAS| must ask Kronos.
Only Kronos is allowed to overrule acceptance into the |SAS| clan.
Invited snipers must have KDR of over 1.5, unless Kronos is fine with the member joining with a lower KDR.
Though shalt NEVER hack. If found hacking: you will never be allowed to join the |SAS| clan again. No exceptions.
|SAS| members are allowed to play any kit as much as they want; most played kit must be sniper though - exceptions may be made DEPENDING on who the player is.
If you make a smurf do NOT wear the |SAS| tag.
If someone leaves |SAS| they are allowed to re-apply, and will need to get a re-vote in. (unless the ex |SAS| was found hacking and has been terminated from |SAS| )
You must please TRY to do knife fights as much as possible, if someone challenges you to a fight, go for it, don’t just kill him.
You must please try to NOT shoot people having a knife fight, this is not sportsmanlike and will result in loss of rep.
Code of Conduct for the knife fight: Try to not shoot knife fights, let them finish it, and then kill the enemy if he lost, or let them finish then challenge the enemy winner to a fight, or join in 2 v 1 on the knife fight.
You must NOT nade spam on a regular basis. |SAS| is not a nade spam clan, |SAS| is not =VVB=. Cool

(on forum 5 stars is the most, and 0 is the least, if you are recruited you get 2 stars Razz )
when you are recruited, you MUST wear the [SAS] tag, to show you are still a freshmen to the clan, unless stated otherwise by Kronos.

Kronos will inform you when you can remove the [SAS] tag, and wear the |SAS| tag.

Only Kronos has the power to overrule any vote, change, challenge, and change Terms & Conditions.

If you have read all of this and understand and agree to it then go here:

join the group, when u become a member is when i allow u to join the group...

post your ingame nick and stats, (all of them), and state why you want to be |SAS| and how you know us.
what games you play etc.
and what you want your intentions are with us, exmple; clan games, chating/socializing/ etc.

Read before applying: Kronos1

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